Raising Rodriguez

I’m a young mom. I had Bradley at 20 years old. At the time, I thought I knew it all and that becoming a mom would be a breeze. Bradley is now six years old and has a four year old sister,  Avery Grace. I think I’m just now getting the hang of this parenting thing.

We live in the Bronx, in the neighborhood where I grew up. I always had this notion that my kids would be too good to live here, that they would grow up far from where I did and would never attend the same schools. Today, that couldn’t be further from the truth as their new school (albeit only three years old) is housed in the same building of the school I attended in my youth. It’s proven a bit difficult to do the one thing I’ve always wanted to do- move out of the hood.

Bronx Neighborhoods

I’m making the best of it while we are here but it’s tough because I’ve always tried to give my kids a sort of sheltered upbringing. I want my babies to remain innocent for as long as possible, in a time when little girls are encouraged to twerk by their confused mothers and little boys are being brought up to think they have to be ‘hood and tough. I just want good kids who respect other people, who are kind and do the right thing.

At the ages of four and six, Avery Grace and Bradley are now in school and I have no idea what really goes on all day. Right now, I’m doing my best to maintain their innocence and raise them to be good people. Both kids have acted out in class in response to other students negative behavior. It’s easy to fall under the influence of others, especially at such a young age. We must constantly remind them to keep being themselves.

Parenting is freaking hard! We are confronted with others opinion of our hard work, criticism, gender roles, food selections. But it’s also fun, funny and so rewarding. I’d like to share our experiences, what the kids like and what works for us. And really, I’d like to share what it’s like being a Bronx mom trying to raise kids who won’t become stereotypes.

Author: Alexis Petty-Rodriguez

My name is Alexis Petty-Rodriguez. I’m a young mom with two amazing little ones, Bradley Tyler and Avery Grace. These are my experiences with parenting, what works for us and what the kids are into. These guys totally have their own personality and usually get their own way with things.