Author: Alexis Petty-Rodriguez

My name is Alexis Petty-Rodriguez. I’m a young mom with two amazing little ones, Bradley Tyler and Avery Grace. These are my experiences with parenting, what works for us and what the kids are into. These guys totally have their own personality and usually get their own way with things.

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Screening Screentime

Modern Day Zombies and Weirdos I’m gonna be 100% real with you, I’m a lazy mom. When I first became a parent, I would have the TV playing all day. The thought I was giving my kid, and eventually kids, an advantage. I thought I was doing them a service by introducing them to Nick Jr, Noggin …

Kids, Parenting

Gender Roles in Kids

Having children of each gender helps me to see first hand the struggle people go through when they aren’t allowed to be themselves. I want my children to grow up to be happy, confident people who trust that their mom always has their backs. Over the years, I have been in the position of questioning …